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  1. Ghost Ships

    Ghost Ships

    Hallowe'en is a few days away, the leaves are falling fast from the trees, and the gales of November are winding up here on the shore of Lake Michigan. On nights like this, the waxing moon glows in a halo of clouds, and the waves seem to sigh mournfully, as if lamenting the summer that is gone. This weather puts us in the mood for a good ghost story, of which the history of boating has no lack. Help yourself to some hot cider (or a pot of grog, if the fancy takes you) and gather round.
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  2. 8 Ways to Not Ruin Your Boat

    8 Ways to Not Ruin Your Boat

    What a beautiful October! The sun has been shining warm and bright here on the shore of Lake Michigan, but we know colder days lie not far ahead. Our thoughts turn to protecting our beautiful, beloved boats, tucking them in for their winter nap after another fun-filled summer. Behind all the warm-and-fuzzy metaphors, however, is some hard work: winterization.
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  3. 13 Seafaring Superstitions

    13 Seafaring Superstitions

    When facing something as mighty and unpredictable as the sea, sailors and fishermen have long sought ways to tip the odds in their favor. Since ancient times, superstitions have surrounded boating. In honor of Friday the Thirteenth, we've compiled thirteen spooky boating superstitions and traditions. Do you observe any of these?
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  4. Scrub and Stitch: Boat Cover Cleaning and Repair

    Scrub and Stitch: Boat Cover Cleaning and Repair

    Boat covers and car roofs have a few things in common. They come in a range of colors; they offer protection from the elements; and they seem to be target numero uno for bird poop.
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