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  1. Three Safety Tips For Upgrading Boat Lighting

    Three Safety Tips For Upgrading Boat Lighting

    While an illuminated vessel can be a breathtaking spectacle on the water, it's crucial not to compromise safety while achieving aesthetics. Therefore, it's vital to keep in mind some essential safety tips when upgrading your boat lighting. We will be going over three important safety tips for upgrading your boat lighting for any style light, whether it be a navigation light, stern light, LED strip light, or cabin courtesy light!

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  2. Floating Feasts

    Floating Feasts

    What's better than spending a day on the boat? Spending a day on the boat and sharing a meal aboard or on the beach! Summer might be winding down, but there are lots of sunny days ahead before the cold sets in. Make the most of late summer with a picnic on the water.
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  3. Prop Problems

    Prop Problems

    Save 10% on all boat propellers through July 22, 2018! Before every outing, inspect your propeller(s). You can file out small nicks and burrs yourself, and bent edges can be fixed by carefully straightening them with a pair of crescent wrenches. Serious mangling needs professional attention from your local prop shop.
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  4. Listen Up: 6 Tips for Selling Your Boat

    Listen Up: 6 Tips for Selling Your Boat

    Selling a boat can be bittersweet. On the one hand, it's exciting to make room for something new, but on the other, your old boat has been a part of many happy memories. Give yourself the best chance at finding your boat a good home with these six tips.
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  5. 2017 In Review

    2017 In Review

    What a year! It's had its ups and downs, hasn't it? From award-winning boats to the Great American Eclipse, let's take a look at some highlights.
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  6. Scrub and Stitch: Boat Cover Cleaning and Repair

    Scrub and Stitch: Boat Cover Cleaning and Repair

    Boat covers and car roofs have a few things in common. They come in a range of colors; they offer protection from the elements; and they seem to be target numero uno for bird poop.
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  7. Surviving Hurricane Season

    Surviving Hurricane Season

    The Atlantic hurricane season began June 1, but Mother Nature started weeks ahead of schedule with Tropical Storm Arlene back in April. Though Arlene stayed out to sea, we can't count on being so lucky all season. The latest Pacific temperature data is trending towards El Niáo, but the water is not yet warm enough to qualify. The researchers at Colorado State University's Tropical Meteorology Project have revised their earlier forecast and are now predicting 13 named storms this season.
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  8. Host a Great Boat Party

    Host a Great Boat Party

    Memorial Day in the USA is the unofficial beginning of summer, kicking off the warm-weather party season. You don't need a big yacht to host a boat party, and you don't have to be Martha Stewart to throw a fun, flavorful, and safe party that your boating buddies will remember for a long time.
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  9. 13 Boating Do's and Don'ts for Spring

    13 Boating Do's and Don'ts for Spring

    We know you can't wait to get your boat out of storage and back in the water. Much as we'd all like to plunge right in and get going, it's better to be careful and prepare the boat properly for the season. Inspection and repair can be tedious, but it can also build excitement, like a countdown to launch.
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  10. Fall into Late-Season Boating

    Fall into Late-Season Boating

    There's so much to love about autumn: the beautiful colors on the trees, the crisp air, the special blue of the November sky. There's no line at the boat launch, lots of space at the docks, and open water as far as the eye can see. It's nice to have the beach and water to oneself. With the end of peak boating season, marinas scale back services. You might not be able to refuel late in the day if the pumps close early, and you can't count on bait shops to stay open in the evening, either. Take enough bait, snacks, water, and supplies with you, and fill your gas tank before you depart. If you carry a spare gas can, fill it, too, and be sure to store it safely (not in the engine compartment or cabin). How are your lights? The days grow shorter, which means you might be getting back to the dock after dark. Replace burned-out bulbs when you find them. Cold temperatures shorten battery life, both in your boat's system and in flashlights, so carry extra batteries for your small electronics,
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